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There are several possibilities to advertise and promote your Apps on our platforms. Below you can find an overview of tools which will help you to increase the number of installations and the popularity of your apps:


Appetizers are little preview-screens which are shown on our App Summary Page. On this page you find an separate area with 4 boxes containing preview-images of exclusive apps. You define an preview-image in your XML-File which is used for the Appetizers. It is also possible to use animated pictures.



We offer 3 different booking-options:

  • Floating: You book an amount of days and the exact dates will be determined randomly.
  • Fixed Days: You book an amount of days and tell us which exact dates you wish to advertise on.
  • Special Days: Days in Holidays and vacations. E.g. Christmas or New Year's Eve

Prices (for positions see screenshot above)

  • Floating
    • Position 1: 3.000 € per day
    • other position: 1.200 € per day
  • Fixed Days
    • Position 1: 4.500 € per day
    • other position: 1.800 € per day
  • Special Days
    • Position 1: 6.000 € per day
    • other position: 2.400 € per day

Integrating & Changing the Content of the Promotion

Big Appetizer

To define the look of your appetizers for position 1 you have to implement the "preview-view" in your xml. An overview aboout different views in general you find here: View-Tutorial

An example of a minimal preview-view:

<Content type="html" view="preview"><![CDATA[

<img src="YOURPICTURE" alt="alternative"/>

   <li><a href="linktoimpressum" target="_blank">Impressum</a></li>
   <li><a href="linktoagb" target="_blank">AGB</a></li>
   <li><a href="linktodatenschutz" target="_blank">Datenschutz</a></li>


Small Appetizer

The image for position 2,3 and 4 is also defined in your XML. You just have to put the URL of the picture in your ModulePrefs.


To secure the availability of the image in case your servers are offline, please mention that it has to be found in your *.zip-file .

Selfbooking: VZ-Werbefabrik

You can choose to self-book some of the spaces via our File:VZwerbefabrik Factsheet english 100602.pdf by following these instructions: File:Work-Flow VZwerbefabrik en.pdf

VZ Werbefabrik.png


Our CrossPromotion-Bar offers the possibility to tease your app next to the main screen of another app. It will be displayed every time an app is played by an user. For three apps, it contains an image (120px x 80px) and a short descriptiontext which is linked to the advertised app.


Don't hesitate to contact us for booking this advertisement:

Custom Promotion Campaigns

You have the chance to offer your app to more people by using special advertisement-spaces on our sites. Possible options could be:

  • to include the app in our bannerrotation on the welcome page
  • to show up a wallpaper
  • to promote the app in our newsletter
  • to mark your app as "tip" in the list of apps
  • to advert below/above other apps

In case you want to book a larger amount of advertisement, appetizers or special campaigns Please contact us and we will arrange an individual package fitting your needs.: