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This is the documentation for the external 'Zeigen functionality' (Share) on the VZ platforms. The user has the ability to either post the shared page into their activity feed or send it to his friends through the VZ messaging service.

OExchange compatible endpoint

OExchange makes it possible to share any URL-based content with any service on the web. It defines:

  • A common way for services to receive content, removing any and all service-specific integration requirements
  • A discovery feature so services can publish themselves and their endpoints, making it possible to integrate with services you didn't even know about at development time
  • A decentralized, user-centric model for saving preferred services, making sharing more personal

You can find more detailed information as well as resources for testing on


If you want to hardcode the endpoint and don't want to use OExchange style discovery, you should use our PlatformRedirector which tries to direct the user in the current browser to the right platform automatically (this endpoint is specified in the OExchange XRD as well):

Of course you can also use endpoints at a target VZ platform directly:

Supported parameters

All parameters have to be URL encoded.

url (required)
The URL of the content being offered. It should be expected that this URL is something a user could navigate to directly in a browser. The URL has to be urlencoded.
title (optional)
A human-readable title for the content. This is typically equivalent to the page's title meta tag, and is used to convey the same type of information. Will also be the default subject of the sent message. (max. 150 characters)
description (optional)
A human-readable description of the content. This is typically equivalent to the page"s description meta tag, and is used to convey the same type of information. (max. 251 characters)
provider (optional)
optional name of the provider (site) owning the page
thumbnail (optional)
optional url pointing to a thumbnail for this page (picture max. 100px x 100px)
noembed (optional)
if specified substituting the shared resource with its OEmbed representation will be supressed
message (optional)
optional default message for the feed post or message input boxes (max. 140 characters)
type (optional)
valid values ('message' or 'feed'), if specified the user can either share your page through a message or throug his feed and can not change this.

OpenGraph Support

As an alternative to passing meta data as a query parameter we also support retrieving meta data through the OpenGraph protocol. You just have to add some additional meta tags in the head of the page you want your users to share:

<meta property="og:title" content="title" />
<meta property="og:description" content="description" />
<meta property="og:site_name" content="your site name" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

You can find out more details about the OpenGraph protocol at


The Host Meta File (see for details) is located at

This host-meta file includes a link with the relation type "" pointing to an OExchange XRD file which includes the sharing endpoint to use and meta information such as icons, network name or network description.

You can test the VZ discovery flow at


You should use either the icons provided in the OExchange XRD file or the following:

  • Vz-zeigen1.png
  • Vz-zeigen2.png
  • Vz-zeigen3.png
  • Share 16x16.png
  • Share 18x18.png
  • Share 32x32.png

Example without discovery


The VZ JS-Library also provides an easy way to implement sharing into your site.