Gadgets Checklist

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After uploading and testing you can start the approval process (see Sandbox_Flow#Make_a_gadget_productive). In order to get your gadget live and included in the gallery the following requirements have to be met:

  • You have to meet our content guidline, see Gadgets_Content
  • You have to meet our technichal guildine, see Technical_Guidelines
  • You need correct and complete metadata (title, description, preview, author, author_mail, required_data (OpenSocial only), thumbnail, icon)
  • You need to implement at least the following views: profile, preview, group
  • You need to add an impress and data security information, see Gadgets_Content
  • You need to handle different viewer/owner cases correctly, see Lesson_11:_Separate_viewer_and_owner
  • You need to create a group for your gadget in each platform you want to add your gadget to (Note that studiVZ and meinVZ are connected and considered as one network, so you only need one group in one of these platforms). While adding your gadget to the gallery our support will upgrade this group, so that you can style it with BBCodes and switch the forum of the group off, if you want.