Lesson 02: Meta data and how it's used

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We use the information of several meta data fields, that are mandatory for all gadgets that are going live.

Metadata can be defined as attributes in the ModulePrefs tag of your gadget XML.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
	title="HelloWorld Gadget"
	author="Max Mustermann" 
	description="This is the first example Gadget"
	preview="This text will be shown in the gallery"
        required_data="Vorname, Nachname, Geschlecht, Geburtstag, Profilbild, Profil-URL,  
        Buschfunk, E-Mail, Handy-Nummer, Telefon, Telefon geschäftlich, Straße Nr, PLZ, Ort, 
        Land, Webseite, Hochschule, Was bin ich, Berufsstatus, Beziehung"
     <Require feature="opensocial-0.8" />
   <Content type="html">
       Hello, world!

This data is used e.g in the gallery, vcard administration, gadget install flow, gadget settings, invitation flow and every time a gadget is rendered.

For a complete list of possible meta data see Gadgets_XML#ModulePrefs.

  • Lesson 02: Meta data and how it's used