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  • all files in one zip-archive
  • the zip-archive should contain all static content (pictures, css-files, js-files). They will be delivered through our StudiVZ-CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • directory-structure within the zip-file:
  • gadget Xml has to be in the root-folder
  • gadget Xml and zip-archiv must have the exact same names
  • javascript and css files should be in concatenated form (as one file)


  • max 50KB on load, between loading and first user interaction
  • dynamic content should always be located on 3rd-party systems
  • the provider should keep the potentially high number of request on their systems in mind (up to 2500 req/sec)
  • the gadget developer has to take care of the gadgets security, no attacks should be possible through the gadget (XSS, CSRF etc.)

CPU load

  • all gadgets need to follow the IAB’s Standards
  • animations, games and so on should run on the users’ computers (average configuration) without significant performance problems


  • We recommend that you use no ‘onClick’ or other event commands in your HTML markup, but instead bind the click event with JavaScript, to keep your markup clean and separated from any JavaScript code.