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OpenSocial Required Fields (Available (Will be released on 2011-01-17)

If your gadget is taking advantage of OpenSocial functionalities and is therefore declared as a social gadget with 'opensocial-x.x' as required:

 <Require feature="opensocial-0.9"/>

you might consider restricting the vCard fields your gadget is requesting from the user's personal data. The available field names are

  • gender
  • birthday
  • emails
  • addresses
  • phoneNumbers
  • thumbnailUrl
  • photos

Applied in a gadget.xml snipplet, requesting the fields gender, emails, and the thumbnail URL will look as follows

 <Require feature="opensocial-0.8">

The following fields will be available right away since they are within the implicit minimal field requirements

  • id
  • name
  • profileUrl
  • published
  • updated
  • name
  • platform

However, including one or more of these fields within the 'RequiredFields' section will enhance the user experience by not showing unused information. Conclusion: Always specify your field requirements!

What's in for me?

Specifying your field requirements upfront has the following advantages

  • Higher conversion rate
    • During installation only the requested fields will be shown. The less fields he/she is asked to fill out, the more likely he/she will install your gadget as opposed to leave the installation process because of being overwhelmed by too many questions.
  • You can ask for more at any time
    • If your business logic changes or you want to ask the user's permission for other fields any time later, you can simply request those fields in future. The user will only be asked to fill out the field(s) you ask for as complementary data to the already existing information.

Please Consider

  • Providing required field information is not mandatory yet but will become mandatory in future
  • The example described above will only work within a <Require feature="opensocial-x.x" /> section